Leading Companies and Their Big Data Strategies


The term big data has evolved and taken different forms in the last decade. Since. Yahoo developed Hadoop 8 years ago, the technology has grown by leaps and bound. Today, companies regardless of their size and service seek big data to launch their programs backed by massive data insights. Although the technology is still in its growing phase, still the industry has witnessed several tech giants entering the big data market at its nascent stage. The infographic video shares the value points of big companies and their big data strategies which has allowed them to add many valuable feathers to their hat.

Google practices big data to refine core search and ad-serving algorithms, whereas LinkedIn uses the technology to launch features like “People You May Know “and “Jobs You May Interested In”. Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Singapore Healthcare, and McLaren are also using lucrative features of big data. This shows how businesses are increasingly becoming metrics-focused, considering data sets to make marketing strategies, better decisions, and skyrocket the success of companies. Businesses are becoming increasingly metrics-focused, relying on big data to inform business decisions, redesign marketing strategies, and fuel the success of companies.