Stats You Should Know About Virtual Reality ‘19


Virtual Reality aka VR is our present and definitely the future. The technology’s response since the invention has been quite interesting. The trajectory of VR shows it’s open acceptance by the marketers and users alike. However new it may sound but, VR has been around for a while. Inventors and entrepreneurs both like to project their products and services through creative means to their customers and VR tops the chart in the most innovative ways to do so.

The infographic briefly represents about the major jumps and predictions for the technology and ensures a place in the minds of the marketers, tech-experts, and customers to not only see this technology for personal use but also a beneficial tool from marketing, gaming, and development perspective. The infographic also shows how VR is often associated with AR and rightly so. It is mind-blowing to learn that an estimated 14 million AR-VR devices would be sold in 2019 alone. It is also mostly believed that VR is synonymous with gaming. However, the trend shows a high jump in the use of VR in other spheres as well. Developers are at it to expand the scope and the reach of this technology and make it a household gadget, as they now come at much affordable and cheaper rates than what they used to cost earlier.