Why Big Data and Cloud Computing is the Perfect Match?


Big data and cloud computing are two of the major breakthroughs that have ever happened to the humankind. It is no longer vague to assume that sooner companies of different domains would begin selling data of all kind ranging from information, metrics, and insights gained from the data gathered and analyzed. The ceaseless growth of Big Data has made leaders realize the value of data, together with all the ways to recognize important insights from data which was once considered as junk. And, when combined with cloud computing services perfectly, its potential becomes almost invincible.

Why not Adopting Big Data Should Bother You?

According to a research conducted by Accenture, it was revealed that over 79% of corporate executives believe that those who do not understand the importance of big data sooner will lose their market position and may even witness extinction. Moreover, an overwhelming 83% have adopted big data services with the goal to outperform competitors in their respective industries.

Big data has a tendency to impact almost every facet of an organization. As aforementioned in the image extracted from a survey conducted by New Vantage Partners directs those areas where it impacts the most i.e. reducing costs (49.2%) and driving innovation (44.3%).

Capture It All: A new trend striking the industries

Futuristic technology, cloud computing that comes with low storage costs, is helping companies to deal in large amounts of data resulting in a new trend known as “capture it all.”  The trend refers to accumulating as much data about customers and their buying and consuming behaviours as possible to unveil trends, and future strategies useful in the future.  As per tech geeks, the coming years will experience enhanced data capturing process and its benefits when the Internet of Things is merged in the combination of Big Data and cloud computing.

Big data manipulates petabytes and perhaps sooner exabytes and zettabytes of data, and when combined with the cloud’s scalable environment, it leads to the possibility of deploying data-intensive applications impacting business analytics. Cloud computing also streamlines collaboration and connectivity among different facets of any organization. This helps more employees to receive access to relevant analytics while streamlining data sharing and remote work.

Big Data with Cloud will Increase about 7.5 Times Faster than On-Premise Options

Yes, you read right! In a survey conducted by Forrester Research in 2017, it directed towards the massive revolution big data solutions and cloud computing would bring in the coming years. It revealed that this exclusive combination will increase over 7.5 times faster than on-premise options.


Enhanced Security and Privacy among all the Departments

IT services haven’t remained to only a few sectors. Today almost every domain seeks IT outsourcing services especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in impromptu ways. At one side, deploying IT services has helped uncountable companies in bestowing their business but on the other side, it has raised the security and privacy concern. The easy availability of data and affordable technologies have made data misconduct easier. Stronger cloud computing services in tandem with big data services address these issues as quickly as possible without getting tired, unlike any human brain.