Application Migration and Re-Engineering

Emerging disruptive technologies have necessitated business and IT realignment. Legacy applications not only limit growth, but also threaten competitiveness to remain profitable. To remain relevant in today’s cut-throat business world, enterprises need to constantly upgrade their products. However, these upgrades require heavy resource, time and cost investments.

To overcome this challenge, Sphinx works alongside businesses to enable them to undertake migration of their products to a newer mainstream technology and new platforms. Sphinx offer end-to-end application migration, re-engineering and modernization services, from planning, implementation to testing and support.

We ensure smooth transition to new architectures from existing legacy systems. Our Application Re-engineering methodology comprises data migration, technology migration using tool-based reverse engineering, and forward integration and application engineering. Among the many services we offer, our key delivery areas include:

We conduct thorough assessment of the product to be migrated, evaluate the platform and technology to be supported and technology selection, understand the data domain and creation of detailed specifications for the project and establish key metrics to undertake implementation. Our system planning ensures that new systems are optimized and tuned to new requirements. We then do complete knowledge transfer to complete post-migration delivery.