ERP Integration

Enterprise resource planning is a complex affair. As such, ERP systems that manage complex global business processes are themselves very complex systems. Big ERP system such as SAP, Peoplesoft, and Oracle include tightly integrating processes specifically tailored to meet the demands within an enterprise. So if a small business wants to expand beyond manufacturing, operations and sales to add additional operations such as marketing, inventory control, order management, customer service, logistics, supply chain, finances, accounting, human resources as so forth, it requires heavy investment in terms of time and cost. Most SMBs cannot afford to buy custom suites from large ERP vendors. As such, they look at different ways of integrating additional processes to their existing suite of ERP processes. But when a business tries to integrate an ERP with an existing system, the degree of success critically depends on the integration capability of the service provider.

At Sphinx, we have undertaken several enterprise level projects to successfully integrate new systems to existing ERP infrastructure. We cover a large array of ERP integration areas including key modules such as:

If you are looking to integrate your existing ERP systems with each other or with other enterprise information resources to meet your growing B2B demands, you can reply n Sphinx to do the job.