Negative Effects of Artificial Intelligence

None of the modern technologies are completely devoid of some negatives to its applications. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a classic case of technology in jeopardy where a lot of ill-effects and apprehensions keep doing rounds. There are two opposition groups- one in appreciation who idealize a foreseeable successful future of the technology versus those who are apprehensive of the effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) . The cause and effects however must both be considered while elaborating our research and use of any technology for a better understanding of the chances we have with its large-scale boom.

AI is most commonly concerned to be hazardous in future primarily because of the technology’s nature to get uncontrollable beyond a point. The extreme affects of AI that we have seen in the cinema has been been a representation of the negative manifestation of the technology gets beyond the controllers’ controls. Some believe that AI might turn conscious and that would be topple the mankind but that isn’t true. Any uncontrollable situation only arises if the technology is misaligned with goals that weren’t meant to be. Superintelligence is feared for the same reason.

So much for the myths. Let’s focus more on the contemporary and practical limitations to this sophisticated technology are:

Infrastructure costs- The high cost of infrastructure involved in building, repairing and rebuilding AI driven machines and systems can be extremely daunting and high end for the IT companies and investors to carry out the entire project.

Costly Storage- Database storage is quite expansive and might not even yield the expected results on memory retrieval the way humans can.

Genuine AI Experts- Dearth of expert AI developers is what the real problem is. Companies ready to invest in AI projects fall short of talent and skills to promote the work. At Sphinx Worldbiz, a team of skilled professional AI experts lead the way with their experience in this technology.

Slow software development- With few experienced programmers around, software development also suffers.

Few AI products have been developed so far to be able to rule the market. This way it is too soon to say that AI will take over mankind one day. In all honesty, we do not have enough proofs to support the argument.

Unemployment- Many fear that robots can cause extinction of men doing the jobs leading to severe unemployment as most of the physical work might eventually be carried out by the AI driven machines and systems.

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