Platform Android
Industry IT
Country Canada
Technology Android SDK, POS


iOrderRite aims to replace traditional paper-based menu with a tablet-based digital menu. It is explicitly designed to cater to the needs of both customers as well as businesses. iOR provides a fine dine-in experience that will enhance customers’ experience as well as increase revenue for businesses. Among many of its features, the stand-out feature that iOR brings is the ability to view the complete order history which a customer can view when logged in.


About The Client

The client is a recognized leader in its market for developing, producing and revolutionizing an innovative fine dining menu system that will benefit both customers as well as businesses. iOR is a business that has become necessary in today's fast-paced world. There are an increasing number of businesses who rely on technology, in turn creating the necessity of electronic menus. There are over 300 facilities in the area that provide similar services to iOR, each of these has a large client base, and a lucrative business. There is no doubt that there is room in the market for a high-quality app to support restaurants.


The Requirement

Our client commissioned to design and develop a mobile app that would contain a complete digital menu with full backup of a registered customer's order history, nutrition guide, different items for special days with different price ranges and so forth. An order can be sent directly to the kitchen which will be cooked on the spot according to the customers liking. Call for assistance and analytic data to is made available to track operations matrix, menu trends and probability.


Our Approach

Sphinxworldbiz engaged its team of business analysts and system architects with the client’s stakeholders to investigate their business processes, their customers’ needs and so forth in order to create a set of technical documentation including detailed functional specification and project plan. After the planning, the design team developed 12 screens for the mobile app and 10 screens for website. Subsequently, a team of developers and testers created the website in .NET for iOrderRite. Modern Android SDK platform was chosen to implement the mobile app. The interaction between server application and mobile was driven on .NET Web-Services.After that, our team of developers applied automation testing for iOrderRite to test major features for delivery.


Our Solution

Sphinxworldbiz designed and developed the iOrderRite mobile app for Android and a .Net based web portal. The applications offered key features such as: Order History: A stand-out feature that iOR provides is that customer can view their order history when logged in. Customers are able to view their previous order at the restaurant and re-order it or order a new item and treat the order history as a check list. Call Notification: A unique feature that we built in our digital menu is the ability for the customers to call the wait staff at the touch of a button. The wait staff will be notified on their hand held device and will promptly come for assistance. Promotional Offers: The restaurant can send promotional offers on a monthly basis in order to promote the company and the food that the restaurant has to offer. This would encourage the customers to come back for something new and even tag along a friend. Email Order Detail: The application offers the ability to send order details to a customer. The order details can be sent right to a customer’s inbox upon order confirmation. This acts as order confirmation.