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Sphinx Worldbiz caters to its exceptional big data analytics services for over _+ years…

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Bank on our video analytic services to enhance the efficiency of business security…

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Sphinx Worldbiz, a renowned offshore mobile application development company with …

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Sphinx Worldbiz offers industry-best blockchain development services for…

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We specialize in consulting and software & product development services, with an
Engineering-First approach in the IT industry. Leveraging expertise in Java, Python,
.NET, Angular, React, and Node.js, we transform ideas into reality through design,
prototyping, development and testing. Contact us to future-proof your business with
our advanced solutions.


We specialize in FinTech consulting and solutions, with expertise in digital banking, payment processing, blockchain, and data analytics. Our skilled team offers tailored strategies to drive efficiency, security, and growth. Our services include software development, system integration, and strategic consulting to maximize ROI. Contact us to boost your FinTech business.


We offer innovative healthcare IT solutions and consulting services. Our expertise spans EHR and EMR implementation, telemedicine, and data analytics. Leveraging the latest AI and ML technologies, we aim to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and boost efficiency. Partner with us for a seamless transformational healthcare delivery.


We provide comprehensive solutions for the BFSI sector, driving digital transformation and innovation. Our team delivers tailored services from banking software solutions to secure payment gateways and fraud detection systems. Utilizing tech stacks like Java, Python, .NET, Angular, React, and Node.js, we ensure cutting-edge applications. Reach out to us to empower your organization in the digital age.


We specialize in providing tailored solutions for efficiency, boosting your internal and external delivery process. Our experts offer guidance, assess processes, and create roadmaps for digital transformation. With expertise in Python, Java, Node.js, and .NET, our software development team builds robust applications to beat all logistical troubles. Trust us as your strategic partner in navigating logistics and SCM complexities. Contact us to revolutionize operations and stay ahead.

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Meet the best-in-class Software Development Company – Outsourcing IT Services all across the UK | US | Europe | Australia

We are Sphinx Worldbiz Limited, an India headquartered IT Outsourcing Company known for providing Software Development, Product Development services ranging from customized applications, ERP solutions, software migration, mobility, systems integration, e-Commerce portals, among a host of other IT services to its global clientele across industrial verticals. Offering a complete range of managed services and backend support with the end-to-end in-house developed products for our customers, we ensure total customer satisfaction. Our highly trained and experienced teams of technology experts bring core expertise in developing turnkey projects for our clients. As an enterprise, we hold a great record of Offshore Development Centre utility facilitated by ambitious technologies.


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ISVs & Startups With All Things IT

We are Software Development Company Providing Flexible Teams and Billings to let your focus on what matters more!



Sphinx has always been at the forefront when supporting independent software vendors with IT tools to help them build, develop, and deliver enterprise or consumer software.




With our industry-best IT technologies and competitive-priced services, we have been an utter help to startups in accentuating their growth in the fierce competition.


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    What Customers say

    I have to say, the experience with Sphinx Worldbiz has been extraordinary. The team is highly experienced, they knew exactly what we wanted and always delivered on time. We asked for bespoke frontend, IT, and HRMS solutions from the Sphinx, Germany team and we have been surprised. One of the best teams I have personally worked with. I am all for team Sphinx!
    Mark Sanders
    Acquisition Head
    My experience representing an organisation and individually working with folks at Sphinx Worldbiz has been nothing quite fulfilling. The technical knowledge is amazing at all levels. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do. I am quite impressed with their application development expertise and their final product delivered to us has been functioning smoothly. We are never out of business, thanks to their end-to-end support
    Edmund Lang
    Working with Sphinx Worldbiz Limited has been the best decision for me personally. The teams, they are very sorted people. Had great insights about how to achieve the specifications we gave for our video analytics product, and they turned our idea into functional reality. Their tech support is surprisingly dedicated. If it is video technology-based services you are looking for, I recommend Sphinx.
    Dave Williams
    Big thumbs up for Sphinx Worldbiz Limited for their support and glad to have our association with them. They developed on our already existing DBMS and what they did with it, the work makes a lot of sense now. Kudos for the way their teams work and consistently bring in their element of surprise. Pleasure doing business with you.
    Leon Webber
    Thanks to Sphinx Worldbiz Limited and their bespoke IoT solutions for us, we do need to keep checking back with them regarding our smart systems they helped us build. We have had a beneficial and mutually admirable association with Sphinx. Their resources, their team’s technology knowhow is par excellence. Our customer relationship has increased manifold due to Sphinx’s IoT run connected systems. Great choice for IT support too.
    Zach Carlson
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    How Wearable Devices can Revolutionize Healthcare

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