Indian Mobile Application Development Companies to Boost Under the ‘Atmanirbhar’ Ecosystem


As the government of India bans 59 leading Chinese apps on both Playstore and App Store, including TikTok, Alibaba’s UC Browser, Tencent’s WeChat, etc. in a recent political move citing security concerns between the two countries. This has paved way for the Indian mobile application development companies to show their prowess and take the cake as the Modi Government launches countrywide ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ package, which translates to self-reliant India. This golden opportunity for the Indian technocrats ultimately shifts the responsibility on every mobile application development company in India to develop and promote domestic apps to cater to their markets.

We’re half-way through the year 2020 and the use of the technology in business has already revolutionised the way companies and professionals function. This momentum would have been achieved eventually but as the pandemic fuelled the yearning demands of many IT professionals, the ban on several prominent apps of China will aggravate the disruption. CEO and founder of Paytm, Vijay Shekhar Sharma connoted that this could bring a “digital revolution”. In his tweet, he called this move by the PM as a “Bold step in the national interest. A step towards the Atmanirbhar App ecosystem. Time for the best Indian entrepreneurs to come forward and build the best by Indians, for Indians!”

While the president of NASSCOM feels that it’s the high time for the Indian IT sector, especially mobile application development companies in India to shine in the global application, she tweeted, “No better time than now for Indians startups to raise the innovation game! Also, the perfect time for the gov’t industry to amp up the “Build for India n Scale globally” movement with a focus on Innovation, Policy funding, Trust n Security.”

Why PUBG Isn’t Scrapped?

The ban was applied to protect the nation’s security and data privacy and the Chinese apps were suspected to be a great threat to our data while spying on us, the one that came especially under the radar- CamScanner. Since the ban, many mobile application development companies are working vigorously to give commendable mobile apps while replacing them. Meanwhile, the Indian IT sector can envision to create apps that fulfil the Indian audiences’ desire to use apps with the same features as provided by the banned apps. But the speculations about PUBG mobile has crossed every Indian mind who knows about this move. In the government’s defence, PUBG is a South Korean application, not Chines. Having said that, Indian mobile app developers can still develop a domestic version of the game. As did the Chinese Giant Tencent who created their own version of PUBG mobile to secure the nation’s privacy and user data.

Mobile App Development Companies with Indian Alternatives

India is the fastest-growing consumer internet market in the world, with over 19 billion downloads in 2019. Astoundingly, the nation leads the way while being the second largest market for app downloads. TikTok itself recorded more than 120 million monthly active users last year and in April this year, the 15-second video-sharing app successfully accomplished 2 billion downloads, with India leading the chart. The ban has indeed ruffled feathers of many users and is believed that many of the users of the apps have migrated to Instagram and YouTube. However, this cites good news for every mobile application development company in India as they can now take advantage of the current situation and conquer the greater app market segment by presenting good alternate applications.

As Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister of Electronics and Information Technology and Communications of India said, “Emergency power has been exercised and the legal process has been followed,” he said while reasoning the app ban. Prasad added that the dependence on these “foreign apps with their own agenda for a variety of reasons” must stop. Prasad added that it was remarkable how the indigenous app economy had risen in the last few days following the ban on Chinese apps.

“I think it’s a great opportunity, can we come with good apps made by Indians (to create), atmanirbhar Bharat. I think there is a tremendous intellectual capability and technological imaginative faculty in India to do so,” he added. Prasad was speaking at an event commemorating five years of Digital India.

The ban on 59 Chinese apps has agitated the question does “Atmanirbhar India” give the scope to build the alternatives to rapidly fill the space vacated by these Chinese apps? Well, at the moment, there aren’t enough applications to replace them successfully. But, every mobile app development company on their grounds are working hard to develop indigenous apps outshining not only in the Indian market but also at the global level.