The Journey of Extended Reality


It is quite an impressive journey that AR/VR technology has made and in the process has strengthened industries, developers, users, and innovators in giving them a new marketing experience altogether. Experience is synonymous with the way you see and feel the product or service and here, with AR/VR and ER i.e. Extended Reality, its all about experiencing the virtual world through technology, mostly experience through a support gadget such as headgear, headset, eyewear, holograms, etc.

This is what the infographic entails. What began as an innovative gadget is a full bloom technology being used worldwide and has a bright future, as mentioned in the facts and figures of the extended journey of the Extended reality which navigates the development of the same from the point of Virtual to Augmented and now Extended. In the 50 years of its first appearance, the technology has reached amazing heights and if market forecasts are to be believed, XR is expected to grow over $209 billion by 2022-23, which is a gigantic 800% increment from 2018.