Beat Operation Troubles with Cutting-Edge Technology

We provide cutting-edge logistics software that improves operations, reduces costs, and meets your demands for innovation.

Our Transportation and Business Logistics Services

Our team creates customised transportation solutions to assist you in orchestrating complicated procedures, moving away from old spreadsheets, and weathering turbulent markets.

Our Logistics Application Development Services

We build an all-encompassing ecosystem of IT systems, digital processes, and automated workflows around your transportation needs to achieve maximum visibility, save operational expenses, and drive enterprise development.

We provide online and mobile-based automated TMS and WMS interfaces that streamline, optimise, and modernise your freight processes.

  • Apps for mobile banking
  • Apps for lending money
  • Apps for payment, such as Buy Now Pay Later applications
  • Apps for insurance

Web platforms that interconnect a variety of financial service providers, including private investors, with people and small and medium-sized businesses in need of financial services or funding:

  • Inventory control software
  • Transportation and labour planning
  • Shipping management
  • 3PL management

Our logistics app software development solution provides complete inventory control software that simplifies the management, centralisation, and automation of your whole inventory.

  • Inventory management
  • Budgeting and auditing
  • Shipping management
  • Integrations (online shops, 3PLs, EDI-requiring merchants)

Custom logistics management software that covers the end-to-end manufacturing flow of goods and services can help you optimise your company's supply-side.

  • Supply management and sourcing
  • Collaboration in real time
  • Modules for tracking and planning
  • Yard management

Our developers provide reliable and simple-to-use ERPs tailored to your needs and geared for cross-functional support of your operations.

  • Delivery planning and management
  • Processing of invoices and other documents
  • Tracking transportation and shipment
  • Financial accounting

With our dependable and secure transportation solutions, you can monitor, track, and obtain efficient management of your vehicle operations.

  • Vehicle load analysis
  • PTracking the status of cargo
  • GPS compatibility
  • Precautionary upkeep

With our routing solutions, you can coordinate and streamline your delivery operations, gain a head start on logistics planning, and increase last-mile delivery success.

  • Route restrictions in real time
  • Visualisation of delivery route planning
  • Delivery monitoring
  • Dispatch management

Respond to business possibilities more quickly, and assign low-priority activities to automated systems that handle the bulk of the work for your personnel.

  • Order management and changes
  • Generation and qualification of leads
  • Processing of payments
  • Claims management

We supply medical providers, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical firms with compliant logistics software development services.

  • Management of time-sensitive logistics
  • Medical finance monitoring
  • Managing administrative tasks
  • Integration of medical records

We upgrade, re-engineer, and migrate your old logistics platforms so you can accelerate company growth while decreasing costs.

  • Cloud migration
  • Development of third-party integration
  • Performance enhancement
  • Software Reengineering

Our unique analytics solutions extract useful real-time data from your transportation, shipping, and routing processes.

  • Solutions for demand forecasting
  • Insights from the business world
  • Periodic upkeep

With business-led tendering software tailored to your specific requirements, you can streamline the whole tendering and procurement process.

  • Management of supply contracts
  • Management of e-procurement
  • Tendering of goods automatically
  • Automated evaluation

Provide a comprehensive picture of operations to enable better delivery decisions, enhanced driver safety, and increased efficiency.

  • Fleet tracking
  • Telematics systems
  • Reports and alerts
  • Delivery route planning

Use our bespoke logistics software development services to receive a dependable OMS solution for order fulfilment and processing, shipping, and inventory tracking.

  • SIntuitive order management
  • Time slot management
  • Allocation of Fleet
  • Management of on-demand requests

Provide a uniform customer experience across all touchpoints, data-driven interactions, and automated billing.

  • Built-in customer data analytics
  • Bespoke CRM systems
  • Multichannel CX
  • Integration of EDI and API

Streamline data interchange between your transportation systems and accounting applications to overcome accounting difficulties.

  • Integrations of accounts and payments
  • Integrations with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and other systems
  • Purchase order management
  • Invoice automation

Verticals We Cater To

Our transportation app software development solution assists global businesses of all sizes — from startups to corporations — in their digitisation journey.

We provide cutting-edge software for courier transportation firms that reduces delays, streamlines routes, and provides real-time information to consumers.

Our transportation software development services digital LSPs and handles the whole process of smart and data-driven software projects.

Using data-driven processes, Sphinx Worldbiz's software assists transport, freight, and last-mile delivery companies in saving money, improving turnaround times, and increasing accuracy.

Our team creates low-cost software solutions for 3PL and 4PL firms that are used for day-to-day process management and supply chain optimisation.

With our cutting-edge software, you can provide best-in-class service on the last mile while also automating your package operations.

Our software effortlessly interacts with your CRM and serves as the digital cornerstone of your online business.

We provide customised digital brokerage systems that match particular logistical needs with available supply.

Our independent teams assist global IT providers in developing high-quality software products for the transportation sector while incurring less expenditures and a lower staffing load.

We assist healthcare providers in embracing logistics automation through safe and compliant T&L solutions as health technology specialists.

Our Security and Compliance Skills

Because of our extensive understanding of industry security norms and compliance rules, we are able to incorporate a strong governance framework into our logistic software solutions.


How We Create An Ideal Transport and Logistics Software

We are committed to completing your logistics software project on time, under budget, and to your specifications.

Planning and Discovery
TWe investigate your business logic, identify system limitations, and define your project scope in order to prepare for effective development.
  • Business analysis and research
  • Creating a project blueprint
  • Estimated costs and timelines
  • Proof of Concept
Design and Development
Supervised by certified Project Managers, our UX/UI designers and development team bring your vision into a fully operational and scalable solution.
  • Design documentation specs
  • MVP creation
  • Data migration
  • Custom integration design
We go through your program with a fine-tooth comb to ensure an excellent user experience, consistent performance, and best-in-class quality.
  • Functional evaluation
  • Testing for non-functionality
  • Quality assurance
We complete the software development cycle by deploying your system into a live production environment, backed by full installation, operations, and end-user functionality guides.
  • End-user training
  • Support for system adoption
  • Post-deployment evaluation
Our staff provides multi-tiered technical support to maintain your product running at optimal levels, integrate new features, and conduct version updates.
  • Hosting and infrastructure upkeep
  • Upkeep of software
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • System enhancement

Tailored Transport and Logistics Software For All Things Logistics

Our transportation solutions enable you to confidently manage changing logistical demands, gain a competitive edge, and reinvent established operations.

Convert Company Data into Insights
To assist you accomplish your broader visibility goals, we help you open data connectivity across your inventory, goods, supply chain management, and customer-facing systems.
Enhanced Transparency of Inventory
Take advantage of our bespoke logistics software development to become more automated, manage inventory turnover more effectively, and decrease operating and holding expenses.
Boost Your Profitability
Increase your bottom line by lowering the expenses of shipping, warehousing, and other supply chain activities.
Improve Risk Management
Rely on intuitive software solutions to avert issues, make real-time adjustments to unplanned disruptions, and cut-down on operational expenses.

Why Sphinx Worldbiz Can Be Your Ideal Logistics Software Development Partner?

Sphinx Worldbiz is an experienced software development partner with an emphasis on high quality, superior security, and compliance excellence.

Agile Development Process
Utilising agile approach in the creation of our logistics and transportation software solutions allows us to create adaptable and scalable systems with minimal risks.
Technology Consulting
Our developers have extensive cross-domain competence in online and app development, cloud architectures, business process automation, and other fundamental transport and logistics technologies.
  • Analytics and visualisation of data
  • Optimisation of the route
  • Storage and inventory control
  • Intelligent supply chains
  • Business process automation, among other things.
Turnkey Software Development and Support
We enable self-managed teams to handle the whole software development cycle, from start to finish.
  • MVP development
  • Business requirements research
  • Logistics & transportation software development
  • Dedicated assistance and solution enhancement
Outsourcing of Specialised IT Tasks
Sphinx Worldbiz provides solo specialists as well as agile pods that are ready to go to meet your IT demands and expedite delivery.
  • User interface/UX design
  • Quality control and testing
  • IT assistance for software development
  • Cloud management services
Team Supplementation
We infuse expert IT people into your team to help you expand quicker, accelerate your innovation projects, and save hiring.
  • Highly-skilled Developers
  • Testers and quality assurance engineers
  • Data Engineers
  • Specialists in security and compliance

Technologies We Use To Develop Modern Logistics Software Solutions

IoT and Connectivity
With 5G and IoT, you can attain complete transparency in your operations and keep tabs of your fleet, infrastructure, and TMS systems.
Minimise data processing expenses, gain quick business insights, and maintain the uptime of your company infrastructures.
Analytics and Big Data
Create a smart logistics system based on data-driven judgments, enhance your forecasting and route planning skills.
Geospatial Services
Geolocation improves map efficiency, enables real-time asset tracking, and increases visibility across the supply chain.
Embedded Logistics
We assist you in converting the real world into digital insights by outfitting your inventory, machines, and acquired materials with smart sensors.
Use Smart Contracts for products and services at customs checkpoints to benefit from speedy approvals and customer clearing.

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