Sphinx’s Human Resource Management Solution, SHRMpro is Sphinx’s flagship HR product for SMBs and MNCs. The SHRMpro is designed for modern business requirements of human capital and enables HR professionals and other employees within the organization to communicate effectively. The SHRMpro adds tremendous business value to enterprise, especially small and medium sized businesses where it is quite common for individual employees to perform multiple functions. The modules are designed such that communication between HR and employees becomes much clearer for everyone. In order to effectively and efficiently handle each and every one of your employees, you need the best possible human resource management. And Sphinx’s Human resource management serves a number of functions. For small businesses, these functions may vary according to the size of the workforce. There are functions available to handle everything from recruiting and applicant tracking to organizing vital company documents. This enables your business to gain access to the latest technology – specifically in the form of an open source HR software – to stay competitive and yield the best possible output from your workforce. Sphinx’s SHRMpro is a complete end to end Human Resource Management System with key HR modules that include :


  • Organization Setup/ Configuration
  • Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Leave Management System (LMS)
  • Recruitment Management System(RMS)
  • Resignation Management
  • Asset Management System
  • Attendance and Timesheet Management
  • Workflow Setup
  • Security/User Role Management
  • Reports

To know more about the SHRMpro, please visit our SHRMpro website. You may also contact our sales team to talk to us.

Employee Self Services (ESS)

  • ESS supports the following features
  • Employees can view their Dashboard
  • Employees can request for leave
  • Employees can approve their reportee’s leaves
  • Employees can view their Assets
  • Employees can mark their attendance

Leave Management System

  • Configure Organization Leaves
  • Request/ Approve Leave
  • Set up approval workflow
  • Action notification

Recruitment Management System

  • Create jobs
  • Refer candidates
  • Select/ shortlist candidates
  • Schedule Interview
  • Set up workflow based approvals
  • Interview feedback and ratings
  • Candidates to Employees
  • Consultant login
  • Action notification

Asset Management System

  • Create Assets
  • Assign Assets
  • View Assets assigned to individuals
  • Set up workflow based approvals
  • Action notification

Resignation Management

  • Set up workflow based approvals
  • Apply resignation
  • Reject/ Approve resignation
  • Resignation history
  • Action notification

Exit Management

  • Set up workflow based approvals
  • Interview question and form
  • Task handover
  • Reject/Approval
  • Exit Statistics
  • Action notification

Delegation Management

  • Add Delegation
  • Delegation Temporary/Permanent
  • Assign all task to specific employee
  • Delegation list
  • Action notification

Attendance management system

  • Mark the attendance
  • Import employee attendance


  • Generate custom report for any module
  • Generate global or role based reports
  • Compare reports in different format.
  • Analysis on records by apply standard and advance
  • Generate chart for a report .
  • Create and share reports with team members.

Consultant Dashboard

  • Consultant login
  • Consultant Dashboard
  • Create candidate against the vacancies


  • Email configuration
  • Configure email according to company and company’s branch

Role Hierarchy Based Security

  • Add or modify any role
  • Assign module according to role
  • Share all the records based on hierarchy


  • Set access permissions like read , write , update delete based on roles
  • Quick view of all permissions for a role.

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