Dedicated Offshore Development Center

Mobile Application
Mobile App Development
Sphinx’s expert mobile developers develop interactive Native and Hybrid mobile applications for both iOS and Android through AR/VR, React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, etc.
Full stack software
Full-Stack Software Development
Our offshore teams of full-stack developers skilled in the latest technologies such as MEAN, LAMP, etc. can help you build mobile, web, or desktop applications from scratch.
Artificial Inteligence
AI & Machine Learning
We hold the expertise of platforms like GoLang and Tensorflow for integrating your business models with artificial intelligence applications.
Product Engineering
Outsource your software development needs to Sphinx Worldbiz for developing scalable, agile, and innovative mobile, web, or desktop applications from scratch.
Big Data and Analytics
From employing a big data solution to entirely revamping the existing one. We help you reap the lucrative benefits of humongous data sets while turn them into actionable insights.
IoT Services
Be deriving useful insights or integrating the best-fit sensors, we offer comprehensive IoT services to connect device and scale with efficiency.

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Dedicated Resource Augmentation Services

Get brilliant people and other resources to work for you quickly with our Resource Augmentation Services. We keep a dossier of all such specialists in your company. We can offer you with a specialist for any specific job during the period that project is expected to be completed. We are India's top Resource Augmentation Organisation, providing a comprehensive range of Resource Augmentation Services in Delhi and Noida, as well as all over India. Our ultimate goal in providing these services is to efficiently augment an organization's workforce. With our Resource Outsourcing services, a firm may have certified and competent people on their team. We at Sphinx Worldbiz, assist businesses in augmenting workers and managing projects based on new technologies at lower prices and with fewer problems. This is seen as a cost-effective method of increasing your organization's technical ability while supplementing your total personnel.

Services for IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation (Dedicated Developers Augmentation & QA Staff Augmentation)

Staff augmentation is one of the primary services offered by a resource augmentation services provider. We work solely to maintain large staff operations and consider all of their pre requisites with our dedication to deliver devoted developers’ augmentation & QA staff augmentation services to enterprises.


Our out-tasking outsourcing business model refers to a high flow of project-oriented tasks and procedures. Our out-tasking services include streamlined Contracting and Licensing agreements. Through our well-devised business strategies and policies, we are determined to improve the functional performance of businesses.

Outsourcing of Projects

Our project outsourcing strategy enables businesses to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of our competence, cost management, and risk mitigation strategies. We assist businesses in focusing on current resources that are being used in their core activities. At Sphinx Worldbiz, we provide the best project outsourcing services to our customers, as well as deep knowledge in satisfying the key needs of an organization's business management model.

Managed Services and Assistance

We at Sphinx Woldbiz, assist companies in providing better services, products, and apps to their consumers. Our dedicated assistance and managed services offer enterprises the ability to resolve issues via email, phone calls, and web platforms. We have been the pick of many market leaders in the field of Software Development & other services connected to the field of Information Technology in order to achieve decreased costs with a substantial return on investment.