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Our Product Engineering Services Processes Reckoned, Reinvented.

Today we stand tall in a dynamic business ecosystem where customer expectations are considerably on an all-time rise. Companies rely on us to facilitate them with solutions to conquer challenging and unique business opportunities, and we deliver. This is core to Sphinx Worldbiz functioning. With our product development services, we help businesses accelerate with innovation and modern products in order to tap newer business opportunities and gain edge in the existing competitive paradigm. Our product engineering service acumen, our experience in reckoning and re-establishing processes according to our clients’ requirements has allowed us to bring in total digital transformation to their businesses. Owing to our high competency in product development, we have been to swiftly navigate the intricate transformation journey, leading to reduced time-to-market and improved customer experience. Supported with state-of-the-art infrastructure, we bring revolutionary product and engineering transformation on the table, directly facilitating your businesses to grow unprecedentedly. Our market domain is expansive to global leaders and ISVs across industries. We support Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with our cutting-edge outsourcing after understanding their overall requirements and goals; we then custom-create relevant solutions. We adhere to make our solutions focused on accelerated development and timely delivery involving best teams, providing product transformation with sustenance.

How our product engineering services going:

  • Modern infrastructure
  • Product transformation with ensured product quality
  • Product sustenance vis a vis your current product
  • Understanding goals and requirements
  • Customized solutions
  • Accelerated development
  • Timely delivery
  • Resolving time zone challenges
  • Qualified resources
  • Best teams at work
Best Product Engineering Services Provider

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New Product Engineering

New product requirement is not unknown to companies. We collaborate with ISVs to enable them to alleviate time-to-market keeping in mind product marketing and their performance risks. Our job does not limit to merely providing the product, but we also dedicate our product engineering services to its performance with zero discrepancies. What we also ensure is to make the product- end-user centric and functional for the target audience. For high-performing, great quality product we make certain to provide you with:

  • Product conceptualization achieved in accordance with stakeholders and partners
  • Translate business ideas into revved-up software
  • Accelerate time-to-market, while keeping-up with time and budget challenges
  • Maximize user acceptance through impressive UX
  • Support continuous enhancements and quick releases

Product Re-engineering and Migration

In the rapidly changing times where new technologies are introduced frequently, sticking to traditional technologies doesn’t always help. At Sphinx Worldbiz, we bring niche innovations to your enterprise to support your future aspirations with our best product engineering services. Through re-engineering, we provide your product with an edge over to your current product. Our re-engineering services will empower you to:

  • Leverage latest technologies for enhanced performance
  • Identify and eliminate inadequacies with your current product
  • Enhance user acceptance through UX remodeling
  • Add scalability and agility to existing applications
  • Amplify portability by facilitating cloud and mobility initiatives
  • Rectify operative concern points with the current processes and attain post-migration business goals
  • Acquire new technologies and innovations
  • We also consider stakeholders’ take on the new tech advancements
Product Engineering Services Company

For a safer migration process of over upgraded platform, Our product engineering services team follow a strict route of the following steps:

  • Architecture consulting & roadmap definition
  • Code restructuring & refactoring
  • Re-documentation
  • Design scalable architecture
  • Product enhancements
  • Cloud/SAAS & mobility enablement
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Porting and data migration
  • UX modernization and rebuilding

Testing & QA

We embrace a comprehensive system of product development life cycle with a dedicated stage of product testing and quality assurance for all the projects. Our quality assurance methodologies focus on facilitating seamless product efficiency in the rapidly changing technology landscape. We run multiple test cases during the course of project development after each phase. Our product engineering services teams are well-equipped with the latest automated testing solutions and check through regression tests, functional tests and tests on every deployment. The focus areas of our methodology for testing and QA are:

  • Test design
  • Functional, performance testing
  • Integration testing
  • Security testing
  • Test automation

Support & Maintenance

Product development lifecycle is incomplete without our support and maintenance services. They are focused on keeping our customers’ delight a constant for us and for their clients. We do that to allow you to:

  • Reduce costs of maintaining product’s older versions
  • Lower time & effort investment in customer and issue handling
  • Rapidly improve product performance
  • Stimulate continuous innovation
  • Enhance your workplace capacity and capabilities through our competencies
  • We perform impact analysis to allow to work on hassle-free applications

SAAS and Mobility

Today market is flooded with new technology driven devices and customers are open to use them for their unique and interesting features with any reservations. In an environment with multiple technology options with varying user-friendly devices and platforms, Legacy products are required to take a paradigm shift as SAAS directed through mobility. Sphinx Worldbiz entails of product engineering services expert professionals dedicated for latest technologies spanning over Software as a Service (SAAS), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Mobility, Business Intelligence and & UX. We have achieved the expertise from working on multiple products in various technologies and industries through multiple implementations using best industry practices. We offer a single point delivery service for SaaS & Mobility enablement lifecycles, offering customers to choose from a wide list of offerings:

  • SAAS strategy which is time proven, validated and accelerated
  • Mobile cloud services
  • Advanced reporting and MIS

Customers can achieve the following from our product engineering services:

  • Maximum performance
  • Mitigate risk and maximize ROI
  • Secure data access
  • Consulting and implementation SAAS development frameworks
  • Mobile cloud services
  • Cloud platform adoption and support
  • Software re-engineering making SAAS based solutions and products from on premise platform