Data Security and IPR

We firmly believe in true ownership and realize the importance and integrity of your data vis. a vis. intellectual property, therefore, our systems are built on a comprehensive security management framework enabling intelligent data management and handling of sensitive information. We are compliance friendly and an ISO certified ISO 27001: 2013 organization, recognized globally for our information security standards.

All our services and products are made keeping intellectual property (IPR) protection of our customers in the center of our methodology. As per our data integrity policy, all our personnel and associates holding access to proprietary client information like data, paper-work, software, services details, etc. are contractually obligated to safeguard user or customer critical data and infringement is not an option and will be met with strict measures. Our employees are under agreements with the organization to keep all work-related information, information about tools and software, and any other documents extremely confidential. We ensure to have all the sensitive material submitted to the organization once the service agreement ends.