At Sphinx Worldbiz Ltd, we host a variety of operations and provide the best of range solutions, met with class-apart infrastructure to ensure that our customers never have to look at anyone else for their software and applications needs. At the core, our services and software solutions are custom-designed to enable the users to streamline organizational processes and benefit all enterprise functions and various departments.

Exhaustive set of company functions our services and products cater to:


Our indigenously developed product SHRMpro is the most modern method to benefit enterprises’ Human Resources department to function smoothly and hassle-free. Automation is the present and the obvious future owing to the fast-paced life businesses lead. Automating HRMS processes helps to achieve scalability to the workforce capabilities and gives longevity to the system where every employee is mapped efficiently monthly, quarterly and annually helping the HR department zero down on the employee performance and the justified appraisal.

SHRMpro is a comprehensive system equipped with dynamism in the dashboard for both employee and the managers, workflows and has all things HRMS like recruitment, onboarding, leave and attendance, payroll, roster, performance, appraisals etc. This solution is intrinsically designed to cover and advance the entire workflow from ‘Hire-to-Retire’ and streamline internal processes yielding more opportunities for the management to focus on other areas of development.


For marketing and sales teams of any enterprise, customer relationship management is the biggest task and an equally cumbersome one. From retaining the current clients and customers to exploring the new ones, from billing right to offering right, from planning to execution, sales team always have their hands full of tasks and dealing with them in a streamlined manner brings all the difference. Our comprehensively designed product SCRMpro is a mega-product inclusive of all processes and sub-processes that are automated and aligned for our end users thereby making them extremely comfortable yet focused on their tasks at hand, i.e. approaching and managing enterprise’s interaction with current and potential customers and ultimately driving company’s sales growth.


Helping enterprises as their growth catalysts, we also deal with helping them with asset management functions. Our customized application for asset management helps businesses dedicatedly to record and track an asset throughout its life cycle, from procurement to disposal. We realize the potential cost mismanagement which takes place in organizations which invests heavily on their employees and each asset assigned means cost-to-company. Hence, the solution! Our sophisticated solutions for asset management enable the organization with information like where certain assets are located, who is the designated assignee, how assets are being utilized and other details about the asset. The solution is applicable on information for management of both software and hardware assets. The tools help in many ways including maximizing utilization and value of assets, enabling informed decision-making due to cost transparency, regular software license compliance, etc.

Asset management tools track various aspects of an asset and facilitate organizations with additional functions like:

  • Measuring vendor performance through transparent metrics
  • Optimization of costs for licensing
  • Optimization of supplier portfolio
  • Vendor audit and policy compliance
  • Streamlining of procurement processes


Over the last several decades, enterprises have become exponentially aware of and active about backing up and archive their data as a general and regular practice to support their holistic business continuity. This also aids companies’ disaster recovery plan. To protect themselves adequately, businesses must improve how they manage and safeguard their organizational data and records. Good records management includes both backup and archiving. We at Sphinx Worldbiz support organizations in backing up their data on regular basis and save them from any unsolicited information gaps, data damages and losses. The tools we develop for archival and compliance play a critical role in keeping the information in safe and secure system maintained parallel to the mainstream information.

Our backup and archival tools perform with data restoration capabilities where backup allows data records for short-term storage, archival tools let the records stay for long-term ensuring no data losses and easy recovery whenever need arises. We provide data storage which is compliance-friendly and stored as per the legal regulations. We acknowledge that legal requirements affect different types of data and businesses differently; additionally legal requirements also vary from country to country. Businesses often fall prey to data damages by not realizing its long-term impacts. Out specialized tools empower enterprises with encryption of data ensuring enhanced protection and security.

It’s imperative to implement proper procedures and processes for data management (backup, archive and compliance). How it benefits the organization:

  • Reducing overall IT operating costs
  • Supporting litigation or avoiding the issue in the first place
  • Expediting issues investigation


The approach is essentially about taking process handling from paper to software.

Companies perform tasks and activities which are generic and initiated by an event, transform information, materials or business commitments, and produce outputs. Large-scale business processes have outputs that are valued by customers. Various other processes generate outputs which furthers other processes. This is how the business process management chains runs. Our Business Process Management (BPM) tools ensure smoothening and streamlining of these processes to strengthen business outputs.

Our process management solutions are business-focused and align processes with an organization’s strategic goals, designing and implementing process architectures, establishing process measurement systems. These are further aligned with organizational goals, where process management is taken from simple paper based management to sophisticated software run management.

We offer process management solutions which charge up various automation efforts, including workflow systems, XML Business Process languages and packaged ERP systems. This enables the management to focus on the ability of workflow engines to control process flows, automatically measure processes, and educating and organizing managers so that they will manage processes effectively.

Our BPM suite is capable of transforming our customers’ businesses by going beyond automation:

  • It helps businesses by digital collaboration of different processes and data access.
  • SOA and Integration by building a repository of reusable services that accelerate business process software deployment.
  • It also enhances visibility and transparency for the assigned teams to take right actions.


Document management System (DMS) refers to how organizations store, manage and track its electronic documents. Our tools enable the organizations to simply control and organize their documents without any hassles. The solution we offer enables organizations to automate and manage the entire file and document management cycle. Its robustness in functionality allows companies to manage business documents, content capture, version control, process workflows, records, retrieval system and folders from a centralized location. We offer solutions that facilitate managing data and documents through well maintained process functioning.

Some of the key features:

  • Effective version control and enhanced audit trials.
  • Improved efficiency; saves time.
  • Automated electronic records disposition.
  • Effective management of physical and electronic records.
  • Centralized repository for secure online document storage.
  • Customizable dashboards.
  • E-Signature approval process.
  • Automated business process workflows.
  • Ability to collaborate, share and socialize content.