Data Analytics Services and Business Intelligence Solutions

Data Analytics
Data Analytics as a Service
With DAaaS, you can extract useful insights out of your raw data within a day while saving time and significant cost used during developing, launching, and maintaining a full-scale analytical solution.
Data Analytics Implementation
Be it implementing data analytics or business intelligence solution or entirely revamping the existing one, at Sphinx, you receive a time-effective solution which is fully compliant with the company’s business objectives.
Data Analytics Support and Evolution
We have years of expertise in upgrading existing analytical solutions by analyzing the as-is analytical environment, unveiling the stumbling issues while simultaneously fixing them for launching quality data analytics and BI solutions.
Text Mining
Text Mining
We help you study market trends and erratic customer behavior through KYC (Know Your Customer) analysis while reviewing customer account documentation, evaluating high-risk accounts, and observing new customer processes and policies.
Real Time
Real-Time Viewer Insight
We help our clients in making more informed decisions befitting working models by delivering key insights and actionable information that targets on KPIs and business drivers.
Data Analytics Consultancy
With us, you receive the assistance from experienced BI consultants, data scientists, and developers who are proficient in Microsoft data analytics, including SQL and R, to develop tailored data insights.

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