Digital Transformation Services

Re-imagining technology for scalability, agility and continuity.

Digital business transformation brings in scalability and flexibility essentially by enabling encouraging organizations to elevate technological and work competency; it cuts back on operational costs and help them deliver better business while also keeping their workforce content.

Digital leaders are proactively managing the persistent shift in technology vis. a vis. the rising demand in the industry. Meeting our customers’ requirements and drive apt digital strategy for their organization is what we are dedicated to. Sphinx Worldbiz tirelessly supports companies to identify innovation opportunities and stay one step ahead. Customer expectations are an all-time high and businesses need to stay abreast of the top technologies to maintain their position and grow lest they risk on losing out on opportunities. Our Digital Transformation solutions and services are extremely focused at identifying and bridging the gaps our customers’ strategy and encourage them to invest cautiously in the technologies offered today. Our experts use their insights to drive digital strategy for our customers to enable them in smooth sailing.

Companies must assimilate the latest technologies and practices and embrace an open culture to walk the path of success. Traditional values may work but technologies won’t. The business world is competitive and constantly evolving, making it imperative for the companies to go with the flow using the best technology solutions.

Digital transformation is a concept involving more than just technological upgrades in legacy models for higher performance and better revenues. It encourages and generates a technology-driven arena to adjust and move alongside changing market dynamics by leveraging current technology solutions.

Therefore we offer comprehensive and effective digital transformation services to collaborate and innovate with our best-of-breed solutions. We work with our customers closely transform their digital capabilities which are simpler, clearer and faster to use.

How we process Digital Transformation:


Organizations have shown sincerity for accepting Cloud computing in their processes and developing their solutions over the years. However, some enterprises still tread on the legacy route and that is where we help them to understand the new culture that Cloud brings about to their businesses and facilitate them on the success path. Our cloud solutions have proven to be of great help to our customers in reducing their timelines, decreasing process’ turn-around time, increasing speed of responses, and in slimmer costs. This way business thrives by being effective, efficient and gaining competitive edge. We understand that Cloud computing is not just the future, it is the present of the technology driven companies and the need for migration from legacy applications and infrastructure for enterprises still turtle-walking with traditional technology solutions. Our expertise in full stack Cloud services, SaaS, and micro-services enables us to modernize legacy application and give our customers a 360 degree technology makeover. We efficiently provide solutions on multi-cloud, private and public clouds, with capability to deliver any application on any device on any cloud.

Our cloud technology model:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service – Improving IT responsiveness and resource utilization.
  • Platform-as-a-service – The upward path to application development.
  • Software-as-a-service – Modernize and streamline applications and processes.
  • Business Process-as-a-Service – Creating pathways for new technologies with better future.

Streamline Your Business With Our Customised Solutions

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Our cloud services include:

  • Cloud advisory
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud native
  • Cloud testing
  • Cloud security
  • Cloud operate
  • Cloud engineering
  • Cloud integration

Our cloud platforms:

Microsoft Azure

Experienced in Azure Infrastructure deployments, we simplify the Cloud moving and thriving process. Our cloud experts backed by automation frameworks audited processes and industry best practices help our customers to maximize the rewarding Azure benefits. Out resilient Azure infrastructure, rapidly deploy or migrate our customers’ infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with lesser downtime and risk.

Amazon Web Services

Our expertise allows our customers to understand the AWS potential without any onboarding and migration challenges in their systems. We boast of certified and experienced teams to meet the challenges of the entire AWS services portfolio and equipped with the latest tools and AWS technology to transform any ailing IT infrastructure to a high performance could-based platform. We have successfully led our customers towards a complete enterprise systems load to AWS Cloud.


DevOps has generated from the concerns of development and operations teams across organizations. It is a technology solution developed to create such a cultural approach which enables effective communication, collaboration, integration and automation between the processes in order to improve the flow of work between the in-house software developers and IT operations professionals for faster development and deployment.

How DevOps benefits you:

  • Create and deliver on business strategies driving intelligent, agile, cloud-based, and automated DevOps capabilities.
  • Accelerate service delivery by creating solutions at DevOps speed.
  • Ensure excellent customer experiences by putting the customer at the nucleus of all development activities.
  • Enable reliable releases and faster time to market.

Our DevOps services:

  • Providing quality assessment of current process and project requirements by active process monitoring and automation.
  • Identifying accurate combination of tools.
  • Linking product development with in-house operations in close collaboration for faster and more efficient outcomes.
  • Linking customer feedback within the development process for quick error correction and upgrades.
  • Implementing delivery pipeline along with the customization of solutions.
  • Continuous testing and monitoring throughout development lifecycle.

Our DevOps tools:

  • Build: Ant, Maven, Grunt, Gradle, Make, MSBuild, Cmake, Packer
  • Testing: Selenium, Cucumber, Jasmine, Jmeter, Junit, NUnit, TestNG
  • CI: Jenkins, TeamCity, Visual Studio, CodeShip, Bamboo, TFS
  • Deployment: CodeDeploy, Otto, SmartFrog, RapidDeploy
  • SCM: SubVersion, Git, GitHub, BitBucket, Mercurial, TFS
  • Collaboration: TFS, Trello, Jira, Slack
  • Release Management – Urban Code, Atomic, XL Release, Docker, Nomad
  • Repository Management – Artifactory, Docker Hub, Nexus
  • Config/Provisioning – Chef, Puppet, Ansible
  • Logging – Splunk, Sumo Logic, Logstash
  • Security – Snort, Tripwire, Fortify
  • Cloud/Iaas/Paas – Rackspace, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack

UI Re-engineering

In today’s cutting-edge business arena providing good user experience largely affects product’s market performance and profitability. To achieve this, organizations need to put in maximum resources and persistent efforts to deliver apt solutions that offer impactful user experience to its customers. UI/UX is not unknown to people anymore, creative designing is pivotal to aggressive outreach for businesses. Hence, the need for an exclusive customer experience which starts from the physical picture, the UI at every touch-point.

Enhanced User Interface largely improves product sustenance and engagement in the end user market, by letting the users have a simple, intuitive and productive time using the application. At Sphinx Worldbiz, we offer customized UI re-engineering solutions to help our customers of all strengths, from small to large enterprises to improve their customer experience and market edge through a fresh perspective giving the customers enhanced user engagements and conversion rates.

Our differentiating factors are:

  • Creating interactive designs to empower brand throughout the digital age
  • Our use of best-in-class CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and Convio/Luminate Online
  • Knowledge of web libraries and frameworks such as Angular JS, Bootstrap, Polymer, Closure or Backbone

Our UI Re-engineering services include:

  • Graphic Design Services- A high visual impact for all your designing requirements including logos, marketing videos, banners, flyers, flash banners, brochures, business cards, letterheads, and other promotional services.
  • Responsive Web Design- Efficient e-commerce web design and module development solutions, as well as plug-ins for small and medium level enterprises across various platforms.
  • User Experience and Interaction Design- Users interact identify with an organization or a service provider through their website at multiple occasions, and they expect something impressive and immersive every time they reach the website. An engaging design coupled with information presentation brings all the difference to visitors’ approach towards the organization. Hence we dedicate ourselves while designing our customer’s website and give them more than just a design- we give them immersive design for exclusive user experience. Our interactive systems are intricately spun with well thought out behaviors. Our designs add meaning to the users owing to our well put and appropriate mix of expertise to create seamless designs.

User Experience Design

We boast of a comprehensive and an all-inclusive team of expert UX designers bringing the best-in-class results to the table where they create magic by bringing out the invisible from the visible. Our user-centric designs are efficient and effective for the organization and their products.

Our UX process:

UX Envisioning

Strategizing for UX primarily begins with understanding the company, their business offerings to their customers and of course, their TA. We take their information then create an approach-based User Experience. We also work with other sections of the business like the business teams, sales team, etc. to achieve a common UX objective.

UX Research

Collect quality data related to the end users to facilitate the team in correct decision making during the product/application design process. It is about identifying the users’ needs which they want to achieve, their pain-points and the contexts and situations in which the solution is going to be used by them.

Data Modeling

Creating usable data from raw data collected during UX research phase and coming up with something meaningful to present and engage the user. The objective is to give an understanding to the team about the user for whom they are designing the product. It also enables the teams to take decisions backed by user data.

Prototype Design

Creating the first draft of how the design would look like physically. Reaching from first draft to final visualization using designing tools like Balsamiq, Pencil, Axure. This phase will create an understanding about how user goals are going to be met in the best possible way for end users.

Wireframe Design

Wire framing aka High Fidelity design phase is the part where the prototype is brought into its final stature where exact colors, font, font size and spacing is defined. It is the detailed design phase in which a style guide is also created by UI designer to maintain the consistency of all design elements throughout the design.

UX Validation & Verification

This is the stage in which the final testing of the product is done by involving users. The activity involves real users testing the interface while they are performing their tasks.