Redefining Efficiency, Improving Scalability and Delivering Total Improvement.

Our working model is quintessentially customer focused- engagement and enterprise centric, aiming to address and enhance our customers’ core competencies, backed by quality technical operations and support. Offering definitive advantage to our customers- they are assured of consistent and predictably high levels of efficiency in their processes.

Engagement Model
Providing the right blends of operational efficiency, relevant costs for processes & systems, and enable them with total control over their processes along with high level of transparency. Our engagement model is essentially based on two parameters-Time and effort based billing and Fixed Cost Projects.

Business Model
Our services are open to enterprises across the world, seeking to redefine their processes through technology and automation. Our comprehensive business model makes it economically viable for our customers owing to our flexible services available both onshore and offshore. Our dedicated teams of process experts have mastered the art of managing work between geographic and time zone differences and are at our customer’s service, always with a smile.

  • Dedicated on-site presence; proximity to the client
  • Client-centric work approach
  • Faster turn-around time; shorter lead-time
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Enhanced communication within teams
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Ideal for solution architecting & critical projects
  • Enhanced time to market
  • Cost advantage

  • Cost-effective resources with higher skill-set
  • Network of internationally connected workers
  • Dedicated product support services
  • Continuous Technical Support
  • Single point of contact
  • High-quality end product
  • Increased time to focus on core business activities
  • Ideal for well-structured and planned projects with clearly SRS documentation.
  • Ideal for Fixed Cost Model, Dedicated Resources Model and Time & Material Based Model

  • Increased efficiency, flexibility with innovation
  • Leverages the benefits of onsite, offsite & offshore paradigms with competitive advantage
  • Effectively leverages core competencies across business units and product lines
  • Ideal for project based companies; optimizes employee experience and resources
  • Achieves differentiation and low price relative to competitors
  • Decentralized decision making
  • Facilitates competitive advantage