Platform .Net
Industry Government
Country Jamaica
Technology MVC, SSIS
 Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council

Sphinx provided a web based portal to deduct and prevent fraud accruing in shipping trade for the government in Jamaica.

CCFMS is a web-based application developed that curtails and prevents the occurrence of fraudulent trade activities in shipping. The web application enables the Government department officials to get a comprehensive view of the entire trading scenario and monitors the activities pertaining to trade. CCFMS allows officials to manage and maintain the back-end functions of the application and databases, to manage imports of data in various formats, to manage data import reports, to check data for consistency, and in the overall optimization and repair of critical data. CCFMS has the ability to create risk profiles – which are in turn used as flag records in case a certain scoring threshold is met pertaining to a trade activity.

About The Client

CCFMS service is run by the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council (CCLEC). CCLEC is an Inter-Governmental organization established in the early 1970s to improve the level of co-operation and the exchange of information between, and among its members. Currently, CCLEC has thirty-nine members, regional and metropolitan, who share a common vision and mission. The mission of CCLEC is to upgrade the effectiveness and efficiency of its member Customs administrations in pursuing their mandates through cooperation, sharing of best practices, human resource development, modernization, automation, and harmonization of processes and procedures as well as information/intelligence sharing.

The Requirement

The client wanted to design and develop a web application that would manage and maintain the back-end functions of the various activities done by CCLEC officials during trade execution.

The requirement included providing web functionality that would enable the application and database management of information. This would cover areas such as import of data in various formats, management of data import reports, checking data for consistency, optimization and repair of data and other technical functions. Data Administrators will be assigned to manage user accounts and other conditionals of user activity.

Our Approach

Sphinx Worldbiz was engaged in the development of the solution. We started off by deploying our team of business analysts and system architects to our client’s location onsite. This enabled us to investigate the business processes, client needs and to create a set of technical documentation, including detailed functional specification and project plan. After the planning, the design team developed screens according to the client’s requirements. After client review and approval, our software development team started the development on .Net platform using MVC. Meanwhile, our testing team was working in tandem to implement test plans and applied selenium technique for automated testing for the complete application for its stability, performance and functionality.

Our Solution

We developed a web-based platform that handles multiple roles and operations including Role management, User management, Profile management, Dashboard, Search, Reporting data import and much more.