Video Analytics & Video Technology Services

Video survelliance
Video Surveillance Solutions for Better Security
At Sphinx we offer facial, object, and surrounding recognitions to set-up functionality into home and industry surveillance systems, tracked and analyzed in real-time.
Video analytics
Video Analytics Solution for Smart Traffic Systems
Monitor traffic conditions backed with AI and ML techniques to leverage motion analysis, zone detection, people, and vehicle tracking for fluent movement of traffic at all moments.
Video analytics
Video Technology Services for Developing Services and Products Safer
We master advanced solutions including forwarding collision alerts, night vision assistance, monitor footfalls, managing parking queues, and blind-spot recognition to make products and services safer.
Video tech
Video Technology Solutions for Advanced Object Tracking
We create solutions for tracking of the consignments and objects in any environment. Our video analytics software solutions can trigger the alarm by distinguishing objects based on motion, speed, size, and color.
Video tech
Video Analytics Software Development for Demographics Data and Queue Management
Manage and Plan resources based on the reporting functions of our software suites to track loopholes, door entry points, and return counters to garner the customer engagement levels while leveraging insights into peak times.
Support And Maintenance
Support and Maintenance
We do regular updates while constantly evaluating objects and motions to boost up consistency in performance and quality of process automation.

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