Debunking 5 Software Testing Myths



Software testing services are undoubtedly a prerequisite to the software development life cycle. However, testing is often underestimated due to many myths that need to be busted. The Infographic here serves the same purpose- to debunk the 5 notions that act as hurdles while opting for software testing services. The biggest myth which has been around in the industry is that testing increases the overall software development, cost, and time. While the fact is it reduces software maintenance and repair cost along with the time and makes any system robust and foolproof.

Many people think that testing is required once the project is fully developed but in truth, testing is done at every stage to eliminate possible bugs and discrepancies. This helps in the development of a product that has the least bugs and requires extra expense on the repair and maintenance. Now, many IT companies guarantee a 100% bug-free system but in reality, there is no such thing as a completely error-free product, even automated testing doesn’t promise it. However, that is the main job of software testing services, to ensure a regular update to all the dated systems and rectify errors and eliminating them regularly. In a way, testing allows a scope to optimise and amplify the processing of the developed software or the application.