What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or more commonly called acronym- AI, is an advanced technology wherein machines can perform human-like activities and daily tasks with the help of computerized learning and comprehending abilities. To put it simply, AI is a computer technology which does tasks for humans in a way that it seems be using human intelligence to carry them out but it’s really a learned and trained technology or system that operates so automatically. It is a field of study which allows the machines to exhibit intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has been instrumental with its purpose of inception i.e. to eliminate or deplete human physical efforts for various tasks so that humans can focus on other important works and save time alongside.

The roots of this technology date as early as 1950s and a lot of research has gone into enhancing the technology since to be able to bring it to where it is today. The usage has been far and wide in several domains of our lives today which often times go unnoticed. It is because of AI’s smooth entry into our lives, the sheer beauty of this technology in adapting human intelligence can be seen in the fact that we hardly notice it. Some of the daily use AI examples can be seen in voice driven technology like Alexa, Siri, Hound, humanoid robots like Sophia, etc.

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