Why do we need Artificial Intelligence?

We are living in the age of rapid population growth leading to demand and supply chain. The technology therefore needs a kick every now and then. Technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) – a branch of AI prove to be useful in supporting humans and dedicated human efforts through automation and imitate their work for them as if machines have used human intelligence. Thus the need for technological advancement we now call- AI!

AI makes it possible for machines to understand and learn to attempt tasks with as much precision as any human by the virtue of human experience and is highly dynamic as it can be adjusted according to human requirements. A lot of tasks are being made possible which use cerebral capacity using Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing.

AI is being widely used today to steer almost all the industries and facets of life in big or small ways. Right from analytics to industrial support, there’s a bit of AI everywhere.

In a nutshell, we need Artificial Intelligence because:

  1. AI supports existing products with intelligence and support their performance by taking it several notches higher.
  2. AI redefines automation as it performs critical computerized tasks tirelessly.
  3. AI lets the data do the programming as it works through progressive learning algorithms.
  4. AI efficiently analyzes deeper information using neural networks to unravel data encrypted under several layers.
  5. It works with incredible accuracy which was earlier impossible to achieve.
  6. AI creates avenues for greater competitive advantages as it extracts the most out of simple data.