AI Slipping in Swiftly and Intelligently into Lives Beyond Business


Hey Alexa!

Hey Siri!

Hey Cortana!

These are few of the names we can hear people calling while not talking to any human face. But who are these people? Just a next door neighbor or their personal assistant? Interestingly enough, these are not even real people. These are all different bots used by various technology providers with the help of Artificial Intelligence, a technology not so new in its existence, yet very new to users of all age-groups, each benefiting in their own, perhaps even unknown ways. This must have piqued your interest!

Hey Alexa

Breaking Through the Virtual Walls to Assist Us

Modern communication technology today is not limited to simple Google searches now. It’s been made more comprehensive and intelligent, hence AI. Machine Learning gives (or ML as some like to call it) AI a better development and understanding curve. Google Assitant, News360, Wallet, etc. ae now bcoming more command oriented as they now also take care of daily schedules, impart information, offer entertainment, and provide knowledge, even better than physical libraries, thus becoming an integral part in our daily life.

Thanks to these technological innovations, internet access and navigation for common people has become far more ergonomic. However, often the confusion arises between AI and Machine learning. The latter is a sub-domain of the former and runs on algorithms to apply AI concepts. An AI-powered computer network, system or application are capable of  independently solving problems and has the capability of enhancing products’ efficiency or services for its users, thus giving a user-friendly ultimate experience.

Today, AI is doing a lot many things for human beings simplifying life at both work and home fronts. Majorly, the technology can be categorized into three broad use domains: personal use, business use, and industry-specific businesses.

At work, it is helping people by managing their calls, calendars, emails, files, lead generation, and personal cloud data. It affects individuals’ personal lives by enabling them to stay up-to-date with general information, entertainment and latest news. Shopping has become quicker and less cumbersome with shoppers being able to locate authentic products online, without having to go outside and do physical search.

A New Age Marketing Tool

AI allows marketers to sell genuine high-end designer products, clothes through this technology and garner better dealerships and customer base. The AI-marketing adventure has expanded to businesses utilizing AI for brand promotions, empowering customer service and user experience.

Industrial and commercial sectors like Banking & finance, Health care, automobiles, manufacturing & designing, education, etc. are the some of the notable domains where AI integration into existing systems have become the need of the hour and wherever it is under use, it is showing promising results.

A Long Way Ahead

Today, industries are widely accepting this technology and many others are looking into the scope of AI’s acceptance and ways of implementation. Businesses today are proactively looking for software or applications that can work independently, prepare instant reports, notify for any system changes and deliver solutions before hand using AI and ML.

The whole narration is just the tip of an iceberg. Artificial intelligence is a mushrooming technology. It is enabling people to rethink how we integrate information, analyze data, and look into insight to find desired results that benefit businesses and empower the end user.