Get Prepared for 2021 with AI and Analytics


Artificial intelligence and big data are such technologies that have spread their roots to almost every industry. Now think both these strong digital technologies amalgamated together; well this is what big guns like IBM, Facebook, and Google are doing to keep their businesses invincible. Facebook deploys advanced algorithms to generate automatic photo tagging options along with relevant story recommendations in tandem to what the user has searched, liked and commented. And, this is just one jaw-dropping example of AI and analytics when integrated with each other.

As the social media and other online portals are on their epitome of success, they are churning out humongous amount of data. This much data comes with unravelling opportunities and ideas that create a new world of technological advancements. Here are 4 top ways AI and analytics trends to watch for in 2021:

Conversational User Interface (UI)

Conversational UI is a future talk for now after pre-fed and template chatbots. However, with AI and data analytics, developers can program UI with the potency to interact with users in easy human language. This will help users to explain the computer with their demands by typing in a chatbot and voice assistant. The future will experience hiked demand for better and enhanced voice assistants. For instance, in the coming 2 years or so we will witness significant improved Crotona, OK Google, and Siri having “social” skills like an average human being.

Text Mining

Text mining is a type of Natural Language Processing backed with AI to study a group of texts while understanding fundamental value. The process has helped companies, especially marketing domain to segregate useful insights from emails, product feedbacks, social media posts, and queries and create or understand future consumer trends. Not only marketers, but also professionals from various fields equip text mining to excerpt keywords, highlight the sentiment like positive, negative, or neutral, and surging topic names.

3 Dimensional Intelligent Graphs                                                                                                           

There is a much possibility of witnessing the widespread of 3D graphs in 2021. These intelligent graphs mean the integration of data visualization and such insights that are interactive helping in developing logical graphs consisting of important data points. This helps users to access the user-friendly dashboard to enjoy a thorough review while reaching to a significant conclusion. Today, these graphs are only restricted to online learning institutes and data scientists. However, the day isn’t far when it will come as mainstream.

Video and Audio Analytics

Video and audio analytics will become the new normal in no time. Video analytics is a technology that is incorporated with facial recognition, gesture recognition, relevant images, and susceptible information from any video or audio to eliminate human interference, mistakes, and enhance security. It is today widely used in parking assistance, access authorization, and traffic management.

It is not a hidden fact that companies are using some sort of technologies that are informing them about each buying move, and other personal details. But what are they? It is for sure that the algorithms are leading all these advancements while directly implying to AI and Data Science. Clearly, the surging importance of data science & analytics and AI for adding value to the existing business models will go through enormous advancements in 2021. So, better be at the forefront than late.