How are Organizations Extracting Value from Video Analytics & Computer Vision?


Various new technology trends are coming up and are talked about. But again, it’s just the promising ones. that are making a strong threshold of its own. Machine learning is one such promising field of computer science that’s extending the computer vision to the next level. What is further catalyzing things along with computer vision is Video Analytics. So let us dive into video analytics and how is it helping organizations extract value from real time data.

Video, if taken as a medium of technology, is nothing new. But what is new about this technology is the ‘maturity of computer vision algorithm which has enabled automated tracking of objects as it appear within a video. So different independent video analytics software manufacturers are trying their best to apply and extend the state-of-the-art techniques in unsupervised feature learning on large data sets. This is mainly to ensure that by using video analytics software, all the available data and information in the form of audio, imagery, motion or semantic information, a conclusive strategy can be build out of it.

So when talking of the usability of this new technology, the momentum of Video Analytics is more so evident in the field of research and innovation in different domains. The reason for such is because, it has the ability to give back real time results which researchers wish to retrieve from the technology.

For clear understanding of the technology, take for instance- video analytics for camera. Well, it is equivalent to brain functioning for eye. So by using software that delivers video content analysis, organizations can receive customized solutions to issues which require close measurement of it, say segmentation, tracking and detection of the problem. The real time data will directly help the organizations in making apt decisions for any given situation, say deprive business insight from closer angle and of course, ensure automation.

Thus, what we get out in a report by Industry today is that, the video analytics technology market is booming and the popularity of business intelligence application in every sector of the industry would only widen, as the technology advances further.